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Buckinghamshire Day

Buckinghamshire Day is July 28th , the date in 1948 when the first Paralympics were held in Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire Day is 28th July. It was on this date in 1948 that the Stoke Mandeville Games in Buckinghamshire were held for … Continue reading

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British County Flag Facebook Page

The British County Flag Facebook page is for those who would like to discuss recent articles on British County Flags, including Buckinghamshire Flag. In addition news snippets are also posted on the Facebook site as well.

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Buckinghamshire Flag

Buckinghamshire’s flag was registered on May 20th 2011. It is described as a “traditional flag” on the Flag Registry with references to the swan emblem dating back to Anglo-Saxon times when Buckinghamshire was known for breeding swans for the king … Continue reading

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