A Flag For South Uist


The Scottish island of South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides archipelago, traditionally part of Inverness-shire, has been associated with a green flag bearing a dark blue Nordic style cross, fimbriated (outlined) in white, for several years. Whilst there does not seem to be a definitive explanation for this design, as with the proposed Barra flag, the Scandinavian style cross reflects the territory’s inclusion  in the mediaeval Norse “Kingdom of the Isles”.

The flag is evidently much used across the island

south-uist-4 south-uist-3

south-uist-1 south-uist-2

although it appears that there is no formal sanction for this practice from the nation’s highest heraldic authority, the Lord Lyon; Scottish heraldic law strictly requires the formal registration of all such flags. In addition to this distinct island flag, a flag used to represent the entire Outer Hebrides archipalago also exists.

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