A Flag For Leicestershire

There are several suggested designs for a Leicestershire flag. Several bear similar charges which are used in the county but as there is no anciently defined arrangement a competition will likely be necessary to secure it a flag.


The first shown has been devised by Rupert Barnes. It retains the colours of red and white which feature prominently in the arms of the Leicestershire County Council

L CC Coat of Arms

and includes an ermine cinquefoil (essentially white with minimal black detailing) as found in the arms but enlarged and placed at the fly end, on a red field. The same serrated edging as found on the council arms dividing the four quarters horizontally, here divides the flag at roughly the first third of the flag’s length to produce a white hoist section.


Philip Tibbetts’s proposal also retains the quartered pattern of the council’s arms along with its red and white colour scheme. Four foxes are countercharged in red and white in each of the four quarters. As seen above, a fox is the crest in the council arms being a traditional symbol of the county and the council also  makes use of a fox as its modern logo


It is notably also used as the emblem of the cricket team which additionally is even named the “Leicestershire Foxes”L CricketThe head of a fox also appears on the badge of Leicester City football team

Leicester City Football Club leics

The third design, conceived by Jason Saber, selects several of the above themes in a different arrangement. The red and white colours of the council arms, the distinctive serration and a running fox. The cinquefoil is also something of a local motif, in addition to its appearance on the council arms it can also be seen on the civic arms of Hinckley and Bosworth, along with the distinctive red and white serrated division

Hinckley and Bosworth

; Oadby and Wigston

Oadby and Wigston

and the city of Leicester itself

Leicester City coat of arms

The device originated in the arms Robert De Bellomonte, first Earl of Leicester and has a clear association with the county. Accordingly the cinquefoil, realised in pure white to keep things simple, appears on the upper red section of the proposed design. The flag


thus features several distinctly Leicestershire elements.



The fourth design is the creation of Brady Ells. It is inspired by the colours of the Leicester Tigers Rugby team

Rugby Shirt

and Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Cricket Shirt

At the hoist is a fox head, as found in the badge of Leicester Football club and as seen, a fox is also used by the cricket club.

Lindsay Leicestershire.jpg

Paul Lindsay’s suggestion, illustrated by Daniel Raudulv, combines the ideas of Philip Tibbetts and Jason Saber.

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