A Flag For Berwickshire


The traditional local name of this locality is “Merse” related to the word marsh, in reference to the local terrain. This is symbolised by the green and white stripes in the proposed flag from Philip Tibbetts. In 1890 the local county council was awarded “canting arms”

Berwickshire CC Arms

i.e. arms which refer to the name of their bearer in a punning fashion. These depicted a bear in front of a Wych elm, playing on the name Ber’wick = “bear wych”. The ursine theme and prominent green and white colours of the former county council’s arms are repeated in the proposed flag.

The bear and wych are also in this proposal by Brady Ells


which is further inspired by the bi-colour fields of the arms of the county town, the Burgh of Duns

Burgh of Duns

and the Burgh of Coldstream, both granted in 1952.

Burgh of Coldstream

This feature also appeared in the arms of Berwick-upon-Tweed borough council, across the border in England, awarded in 1958 and even registered with Scotland’s highest heraldic authority, the Lord Lyon

Berwick upon Tweed Borough Council

The green, white and black colours are again taken from the arms of the former county council.

An image of how this proposal might look, deployed at the Anglo-Scottish border crossing on the A1 highway, flying alongside the Scottish saltire and the Scottish version of the Union Jack.




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